Aluminum Cylinder Head Welding/Repair

Here are some examples of our Aluminum cylinder head welding. These photos show the type of aluminum cylinder head damage we repair.

First, all the broken parts are removed. We will preheat the cylinder head to 275°F in our 100 cubic foot computer-controlled electric element furnace. The Combustion chamber, valve seat registers, intake, exhaust ports and deck will be T.I.G welded. When T.I.G weld aluminum cylinder heads, we use filler rod of the same alloy as the head.

Big Block Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Head

 aluminum cylinder head welding

The damage to this aluminum Big Block Chevy cylinder head was caused by a valve train failure.

Aluminum cylinder head welding

This is a good example of our aluminum cylinder head welding. After T.I.G.-welding the damaged combustion chamber, we then digitize the adjacent combustion chamber. Our welded combustion chamber is identical to the original combustion chamber. The replacement valve guides installed and honed to fit. The valve seat registers were machined to their original heights. Our new valve Job sets these valves at the same height as the other valves. We removed the old spark plug and saved the spark plug threads. Notice there is no spark plug Heli-Coil. When valve guide bosses are cracked, we weld the entire boss then machine new valve guide bosses in our five-Axis C.N.C. machining center. Since being repaired, this aluminum cylinder head has over 200¼ miles passes with a 300hp Nitrous Fogger System. We have made other repairs to these heads but have had no problems with this repair. Look for the “BB2 Saga” in how we do it.

Dart Pro Stock Big Chief Cylinder Head

aluminum cylinder head repair

T.I.G. welding repaired this damaged 707 Dart Big Chief aluminum Pro Stock cylinder head. Both Dart Big Chief aluminum cylinder Heads were damaged when the driver lost control. The crash impact tore the engine from the car causing this damage.

aluminum cylinder head welding

707 Dart Big Chief aluminum Pro Stock cylinder head T.I.G. weld repair. Both Dart Big Chief Pro Stock aluminum cylinder heads returned to service 20 yrs. ago.

Vintage Ferrari Maserati Combustion Chamber

Damaged Vintage Ferrari Maserati Combustion Chamber

This is a damaged vintage Maserati Combustion Chamber. T.I.G. Welding will repair water damage caused by leaky head gaskets. Aluminum T.I.G. Welding will repair all Cylinder Head Damage shown.

aluminum cylinder head repair

We have restored the chambers in this vintage Maserati cylinder head. The damaged chambers have been T.I.G. welded. We then digitized an adjacent chamber. Next we machine new valve seat registers. New valve guides and seat inserts will then be installed. All the Maserati chambers are machined to their original size

E.P.D. Pontiac P6 Aluminum Cylinder Head

aluminum cylinder head welding

A brand new defective intake valve (the head fell off the stem) caused terrible damage to this aluminum cylinder head. Expert T.I.G. welding will repair all this damage.

aluminum cylinder head repair

These broken parts are fitted in place. We will preheat this aluminum cylinder head to 275°F.

Pontiac P6 Aluminum Cylinder Head

Aluminum Cylinder Head Repair

We used our expert aluminum T.I.G. welding skills to repair this damaged Pontiac P6 cylinder head. Next we will pressure test the cylinder head and machine the deck. Then the valve job and combustion Chamber will be finished.

Aluminum Cylinder Head Repair

A great example of our expert T.I.G. welding aluminum cylinder Head welding skills. We repaired this aluminum cylinder in 1990. The deck surface cleaned with a .005 cut. There were no Leaks.

Ford Hemi Combustion Chamber

800C.I. Ford Hemi Pro Stock Damaged Aluminum Cyl. Head

This is a damaged I.H.R.A. Ford Pro Stock combustion chamber. We need to do some aluminum cylinder head welding to repair the chamber, and the valve set registers. We preheated this cylinder head to 275°F. Preheating the head reduces the current required to make proper welds.

Aluminum Weld Repair Ford 800 C.I. Mtn. Motor Pro Stock Cylinder Head

Here we show the 800 cubic inch Ford Hemi Pro Stock aluminum head repaired. We digitized an adjacent chamber. Then we C.N.C. machine the damaged chamber to its original size. Last, we re-machined the valve seat registers. We then installed new bronze valve guides and seat inserts. (See “How We Do It” for details.)

Aluminum Cylinder Head O-Ring Groove Welding/Repair

Aluminum Weld Repair O Ring Grooves

Welded O-Ring Grooves—some people like O-ring grooves and some do not. Head cleaned up with .003 inch metal removed. Intake seat dropped .003–004  inch.

Nitrous-Damaged 440 Chrysler Indy Aluminum Cylinder Head

Damaged 440 Chrysler Indy Cylinder Head

575 cubic inch 440 Chrysler Indy Head Repair, Bad nitrous tune-up collapsed all quench pads.

Aluminum Cylinder Head Deck Repair Plugs

Aluminum Cylinder Head Welding Bung

16 aluminum pegs were made to reinforce the decks. Both heads needed .005 inch to clean up after welding. These heads have over 100 passes since this repair, many on nitrous.

Supercharged Dodge Viper Aluminum Cylinder Head

Broken Damaged Supercharged Dodge Viper Cylinder Head

There is a lot of aluminum cylinder head welding to be done on both these Dodge Viper heads. This photo shows all ten chambers damaged on these supercharged Dodge Vipers heads. The Programmer had too much timing or not enough fuel!

Aluminum Weld Repair Supercharged Dodge Viper Cylinder Head

The deck surface cleaned with .003 inch material removed. While welding NEAR one of the intake seats I heard a cracking sound. I alerted the local engine builder to this damage. The engine builder blamed me for causing it. I suggested it was already cracked because there was no evidence of the seat being touched with the torch. What do you think?

 B.M.F. 385 Nitrous-Damaged Combustion Chambers

Broken Damaged B.M.F.385 Aluminum Cylinder Head

I guess this Bad M.F.385 took a hit and quit. A bad nitrous tune up gave this B.M.F. 385 new spark plug holes. We used a torque plate to seal the deck, so we could “back gas’ the combustion chambers while welding.

Aluminum Weld Repair B.M.F.385 Aluminum Cylinder Head Repair

Bad M.F.385 Repaired. Deck required a .005 inch pass to clean gasket surface. Notice we copied the tool marks from the digitized chamber into the repaired chamber. What can we weld for you?