Tech Comments 330 Rocker Tip Geometry

Recently I installed new guides and seats in a pair of 330 Ferrari cyl. Heads.

There were many problems with this job. This short video shows some of those problems. Notice the new camshafts. I had these cams made with 1.1 inch journals.

Years ago these heads were fitted with camshaft bearing inserts. These inserts were not installed correctly.

We decided it best to eliminate the bearings. When the new camshafts arrived we had the heads align bored for the new cams. Now the cams ride directly in the heads like the original cams.

Before I machine old heads for new guides and seats I check the location of existing guides and seats. These heads had different guide and seat angles.

The guide and seat registers in both heads were consistent but different. What to do? I wanted to see the effects of different valve guide angles and valve lengths on the rocker tip to valve tip relationship.

I am aware of the problems with this type of adjuster. I wanted to give people an idea of some of the issues when rebuilding these heads. Look carefully at the different rocker tip to valve stem relationships.

Can you see all the issues regarding what is right or wrong and how to fix it?

Which valve angle or tip relationship do you think is correct? What would you do? The guide bosses are already .045 over size. The seat registers are also over size.

Both must be bored again for the new guides and seats. I will have more comments in the near future.